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 Compacta. Solutions to your waste.

Baling Presses


Our compaction and pressing solutions contribute significantly to effective waste management, to making your business sustainable and ultimately to complying with current legislative regulations and to the well-being of your employees. Less volume of waste results in more benefit for our customers.

Bottle Crushers


Up to 80% of the bottle is space occupied by air, and only a relatively small amount is glass. Reducing volume allows staff to focus on customer service. Costs in waste bottle management are also reduced, allowing more space for other more profitable uses.



For a more professional, greener and cleaner image we have a collection of waste bins for outdoors, indoors and hanging on the wall. High quality metal, recycled plastic and cardboard litter bins made in Europe! We have 7 models. Do you need an automatic pressing bin for mixed waste collection? Tom is the model.

Power Complete animation

How it works?

As simple as you see in the video. Simply fill the press loading compartment with cardboard boxes. It is not necessary to manipulate or unfold them. When the compartment is full, we close the door and the press does the job, since it incorporates an automatic process cycle. In the model shown also, when the pressing is finished, the gate opens automatically.


COMPACTA products

- Vertical presses: we compact cardboard, plastic, containers. Compacting at source brings multiple benefits: more productivity, more space and order and less expenses and therefore more value.

- Glass crushers: we reduce the volume of your bottles by 80%.

- Litter bins: From the combi model that includes 5 units for selective collection to the TOM model, with automatic compaction of mixed waste.



COMPACTA presents solutions to the logistics of your waste. We comercialize machinery that will help you save on waste handling, transportation and management costs. We have hydraulic presses that compact cardboard, plastic, containers (cardboard or PET), cans, paper, organic waste, with compaction ratios of up to 10 to 1. We also have machinery that crushes glass, considerably reducing the volume of collection of containers ( up to 80%).



Key Benefits

- More savings: fewer number of containers, fewer trips.
- More productivity: the time spent on waste is wasted time.
- More order: risk to safety, health and fire is reduced.
- More space: in a ratio of up to 10 to 1.
- Better image for your company: both for visitors and for inspections.
- Get ahead of European regulations: it is expected that they will soon apply regulations to companies.