• Customer Benefits of the BB22: Reduces Labour and Disposal Costs. The BB22 reduces labour costs associated with managing waste glass bottles, the frequency of collections and overall waste glass disposal costs for your business.
  • Saves Space: The BB22 reduces was glass bottle volume by 80% and dramatically reduces space required for storage of waste glass prior to collection.
  • High Capacity: The BB22 ‘Mega Jaws’ bottle breaker will crush up to 6000 waste glass bottles per hour, reducing the time and costs associated with managing waste glass bottles.
  • ‘Plug & Play’ Installation
  • The BB22 requires a 400V/50Hz 3-phase electricity supply and once connected will be ready to start saving money on glass disposal costs immediately.
  • Reduces Noise Pollution: Glass in crushed format eliminates the ‘Glass Clinking’ noise pollution associated with tipping glass bottles into a collection truck
  • Crushed Glass is 100% Recyclable: The crushed glass produced by the BB22 is 100% reprocessable into new bottles saving on C02 emissions associated with production of glass bottles.

The BB22 Bottle Crusher is manufactured to ISO9001 & is CE Certified.

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