• BB01 reduces bottle volume by 5:1 or 80%
  • Dimensions of BB01 are 600mm (W) x 600mm (D) x 840mm (H)
  • BB01 requires a 220v/50Hz power supply
  • Waste glass bottles fed individually to machine
  • BB01 will crush bottles up to one litre in volume
  • Crushed glass collected in tote box holding up 95 bottles equivalent of crushed glass
  • Crushed glass produced by BB01 is 100% reprocessable or recyclable into new bottles
  • BB01 comes with durable powder coat finish
  • Operating noise of BB01 is 68db
  • BB01 features bin full warning system
  • It fits under a standard height bar counter

The BB01 Bottle Crusher is manufactured to ISO9001 & is CE Certified.

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