Tom 1040 holds more, a lot more.
The first thing you’ll notice about TOM is that it’s about the same size as a conventional waste bin, but what you can’t see is what’s most important, TOM compacts the waste it takes in and that allows for up to seven times the waste to be deposited before the bag is full and needs to be changed.

Less Time
Because TOM holds more, you won’t need to store or use as manybags. Compacted waste results in less volume to transport, which means lower transportation costs and lower CO2 emissions.
Lastly, you can more profitably run your business because TOM frees up your staff.
No more constantly checking on bins to see if they’re full or spending lots of time changing bags and hauling full ones away. Less time spent on trash equals more money.

Less Mess
TOM means less mess in a few different ways. Being able to hold up to seven times more waste means full bags are less frequent and TOM can communicate with you when it’s reached its capacity, so that you can proactively switch bags.
You can say goodbye for good to overflowing waste bins and, lastly, TOM sees you and your customers coming and opens its shutter for hands-free operation. That means less mess and fewer germs on hands.


Width 595 mm
Depth 722 mm
Heigh 1445–1480*mm
Transport Heigh 1620 mm incl. Palé
Machine Weight 112 kg
Power 100-240 v, 50/60 hz
Compact Ratio 7:1

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