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The needs of the client are very different, depending on the problem they encounter. It may be that you have a production of cardboard waste, plastic film, packaging or simply mixed waste, and that these productions are important. In this case, we recommend that you visit the Baler Presses section, where you will find a variety that adjusts to the production volume of your waste.

Perhaps you have a restaurant or a warehouse where glass bottles of different sizes are your problem. Uncompacted glass residue has the problem of the volume it generates. Many times we do not know how to solve this problem. If we tell you that we reduce this volume by 80%, you may want to consider one of our solutions. Please, enter the Bottle Crushers section and find the best solution for your glass production.

Or perhaps you are the manager of a shopping center, an airport or any public space and simply wish to provide a solution to day-to-day waste, but in a sustainable way, attending to the needs of waste segregation that any society demands today. of the XXI century. In the Bins section you will find the different models.

For any additional information on prices and orders, please fill out the form in the Contact section or call us directly on the phone number that you will find on our website.

Thank you very much for trusting COMPACTA.