1.     MORE SAVINGS: When loose waste is compacted, it means fewer collection containers, fewer trips and therefore more savings of money.
  2.     MORE PRODUCTIVITY: There is a phrase that sums it up: Time is money. The time spent on waste is wasted time. The management, normally tedious, and the handling time of the operators and not their main activity, has a cost for the company. With our methodology and machinery, we reduce this time by a ratio of 6 to 1. An example: a single operator spending 1 hour a day on waste handling represents around € 5,000 a year. With our methodology we reduce this expense to around € 830 a year.
  3.     MORE ORDER: Poorly handled waste materials carry potential risks for safety and health, risk of fires, pests, regardless of possible sanctions by the Labor inspection. COMPACTA solutions contribute to order and free passage in the corridors and we reduce the risk of fire, since the compacted material is much less flammable.
  4.     MORE SPACE: Space is always a priority. Our high density bales have storage ratios of the order of 7-to-1 and up to 10-to-1, and therefore, in case it is necessary to store, they require much less storage space than loose waste.
  5.     MORE RECYCLING: Packaged waste provides companies with an easily recyclable product due to its high density and manageability.
  6.     BETTER IMAGE FOR YOUR COMPANY: Keeping waste compacted and well stored contributes to improving the image of your company for anyone who visits it.
  7.     GO AHEAD OF EUROPEAN REGULATION: The European Union is currently very aware and sensitized with the global environmental situation, and it is expected that they will soon apply regulations to companies regarding self-management, handling and storage of waste. Betting on our technology and our methodology is betting on the environment and anticipating a certain future event for Europe and for the world.